UN Advisor: “The Global Food System Must Evolve”, Nations Should Invest in Alt Protein R&D

Albert T. Lieberg in GFI – USA

A bold new report led by Dr. Albert T. Lieberg, a United Nations senior advisor and former Country Representative at the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and produced with support from The Good Food Institute Asia Pacific, illustrates the vast scale of natural resource depletion and threats to public health resulting from conventional meat and dairy consumption.

“Our collective overreliance on resource-intensive foods—particularly those produced from animals—has strained the viability of vital ecosystems and the capacity of our limited natural resources in a potentially irreversible way, and contributed to a skyrocketing global obesity rate and serious medical concerns that jeopardize humans’ ability to live healthy, productive lives. We cannot afford to continue externalizing the negative impacts of current food systems and related dietary patterns, or perpetuating practices that knowingly degrade the air, water, and land we all rely on. Rather, we must embrace the technological developments taking place within the food sector that will allow both our communities and industries to thrive for the long term.“